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Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM) is a proven crucial support service for executive departments, where resources can be deployed efficiently and effectively. A customer service centre, an advice centre or any other service providing departments can only function optimally if there is support from WFM professionals.

With Stratex trained WFM professionals, we offer solutions regarding forecasting, planning and traffic management. Stratex consultants have proven that they can optimize a workforce by improving employee satisfaction, and cost reduction. Stratex emphasizes the connections with operational departments, so that the improvement can be felt throughout the entire organization. In addition to process optimisation, Stratex also provides WFM training to various customers.

To create a customized improvement plan for the customers WFM process, Stratex first analyses the existing role of the WFM body in the organization. The focus is explicitly placed on the operational department. The needs of the customer determine which specific Stratex consultants we use to achieve the intended objectives.

Stratex optimised Workforce Management process

Operational (interim) Management

In the field of Operational (interim) Management, we support organizations in achieving performance improvements, organizational changes and interim management for specific functions. Our focus is on the ‘middle layer’ of the organizations where there is often tension between strategy and operation.

“There are plenty of plans, but professionals who can actually convert these plans into operational changes are scarce,” said one of our clients.

We have a wide network of experienced operational managers, who work with passion. Our Operational Managers are known for their executive power, high productivity and people-oriented approach. Through this we have achieved results together with our customers in the following areas:

  • Interim Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Integration / transition processes
  • Training / Workshops (strategy and execution)

Stratex roadmap

Optimization plan
Stratex professionals
Stratex analyses the existing role of the WFM body in the organization.
Based on the analysis, Stratex creates an optimization plan with customized KPIs and objectives.
StrateX uses WMF professionals to achieve the intended KPIs and objectives.
Stratex will analyze the results achieved and, if necessary, adjust them based on the KPIs and goals set by the organization.

WAAS (Workforce Management as a service)

Stratex provides Workforce Management as a Service (WAAS), through this service customers are able to tailor it to their needs. The advantages of WAAS is that the service can be provided remotely, as well at the clients business location.

WAAS as a service provides a lot of flexibility for the client, Stratex can also take over the Workforce Management process completely for the customer and run it effectively with our experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge in this area.
For further information about this service, contact us!

Why a StrateX consultant?

  • Driven WFM professionals
  • Stratex consultants will increase your customer and employee satisfaction
  • Pragmatic and enthusiastic
  • Team players
  • Open, honest and respectful
  • Creative and broad minded

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