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Stratex has developed a web-based software called Stratex.Cloud that is able to generate accurate forecasts from large data sets and planned events. Stratex.Cloud is a web based software designed to optimise the Workforce Management process. Stratex uses proven and innovative algorithms and a user-friendly interface. Stratex.Cloud helps customers to improve their WFM process based on expected work and available staff.

Historical data can easily be imported in .CSV and .XLSX file format and ‘missing values ‘ can be supplemented automatically from the imported data. The software proposes new values ​​based on an advanced interpolation method, which can be changed if desired. Stratex.Cloud also has the option to automatically correct ‘outliers’. All in all in combination with our WFM professionals we have a complete WFM package.

Benefits off Stratex.Cloud

Entirely cloud based – set up your entire work environment within 5 minutes.

Access from anywhere, anytime – feel unrestricted by our web-based solution.

High performance computing – save hours of time and make forecasts up to 15 minutes intervals with a snap of a finger.

Graphical insights – gain knowledge about your traffic & capacity and solve problems ahead of time.

Always at your service – receive day-round technical & functional support and on-site training by our business consultants.

Cutting edge forecasting techniques – use our specialized R-library algorithms that provide high accuracy forecasts and outlier detection with an unlimited amount drivers.

Capabilities of Stratex.Cloud


Unlike other WFM software programs, StrateXCloud uses mathematical algorithms to make a precise, accurate and smooth forecast. StrateXCloud has a user friendly interface.

Capacity planning:

StrateXCloud helps to face challenges in the field of expected work and matching that with the personnel needed, thus resulting in companies resources managed efficiently.

Pool management:

StrateXCloud delivers insights into your pool of employees to ensure that the right personal are assigned to the right skill matrix. Most valuable are the barometers, which clearly indicate the pool quality.


StrateXCloud gives a clear and visually appealing schedule based on best class algorithms capable of calculating multiskilled workers and omnichannel environments. Employee usability is key for this feature.


We guarantee our uptime by industry standards. This will be assured in a service level agreement. During the week there is on demand technical support available to assist you with simple needs. Documentation about usage is available 24/7 all year around.

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