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StrateX WFM Professionals are daily working for our customer organizations. Helping to manage their WFM processes, on any desired level. Giving the right support by using their WFM expertise.

  • The experience you need
  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Service and result oriented
  • Use knowledge and experience to train young new talents

We are experienced in a range of industries and departments. Just where WFM processes need to be managed.  

WFM Support that suits your needs

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All WFM Specialisms you need 

What kind of specialism are you looking for? We can provide you any kind of WFM specialisms to help you out. Of course, it all starts with your specific needs. Our WFM Professionals offer you any kind of support to improve the quality of your process. Work smarter, more efficient, lower costs and improve employee and customer satisfaction.
We are happy to help you find the (combinations of) expertise you need.


Our experienced Forecasters will optimise your performance by using your data (past and present) to be able to predict accurate forecasts of the capacity and resources you will need at certain times in a longer period.


From overview to detailed schedules on a daily basis. Do you have the right people, skills and resources needed at the right time? Our planning experts translate your forecast into a concrete schedule in order to achieve efficient results.

Traffic Manager

A day is often capricious. Our Traffic Managers make adjustments on the day itself and manage unexpected events optimally. So that you still have the most optimal mix of people, capacity and resources.


Our Analysts provide clear overviews and insights of your performance for
continuous improvement.

6 reasons why organizations like working with our professionals

Knowledge and experience 

Our professionals are experienced in their field and have completed several assignments with clients. Our new talents are trained and coached by the experienced professionals within StrateX.

Rapidly deployable

Extensive training is not necessary, our professionals are familiar with similar surroundings and operations to your organization: so they are quickly up and running. They understand the dynamics and the challenges you face.

Result-oriented & future-proof

We have a passion for our profession and are driven to come up with the best solutions, you will experience quick results. Our people are focused on your needs: ask us about the latest developments in customer contact and WFM. We are not satisfied until you are.

Experts who use WFM software smartly

Our professionals have the knowledge and skills to get the best out of WFM software. We have even built our own StrateX WFM Suite, based on our expertise.

Extra services we offer

WFM Scan

To notice that your process is not going well is one thing. To identify the cause and to improve the process in a targeted manner is where we come in.  We use our WFM scan to quickly understand these causes and gain insight into improvement opportunities. We examine your entire WFM process. In a short period of time, we conduct research, interviews, monitor your process and use our expertise to provide you with valuable new insights. We come up with concrete solutions and advice that give you the tools to help you improve your process.

A full scan takes a maximum of two weeks, depending on the wishes and complexity of the environment. Ask us about the possibilities. We are happy to provide you more information.

Workforce Management as a service

StrateX also provides Workforce Management as a Service (WAAS). This means we can unburden you by entirely managing a part, or even your complete Workforce Management process. WAAS provides a lot of flexibility to be tailored to your needs. StrateX can run your process effectively with our experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge in this area.


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